Mobile Text Marketing

Every one is into mobile texting. Now is the time to take advance of this hot marketing trend and communicate with your audience within seconds. This is the most direct and pervasive form of communication and the very best way to connect with your customers. We offer a large choice of powerful mobile marketing features. Which will allow you to engage your audience and keep them as lifetime customers.

Mobile Features

SMS Blasts

Send a text message to individual contacts or entire distribution lists at once.


Get your message across with more than just words by sending an exciting picture or video message.

Mobile Keywords

Instantly collect mobile numbers while distributing hot deals or important information.

Mobile Voting

Gather valuable feedback from your audience while collecting their mobile numbers at the same time.

Mobile Keyword Data Capture

Have an automated SMS conversation to collect valuable contact info like names, phone numbers,email, and more.


Add a fun twist to any event and let your audience text fun messages to a live display screen for all to see.

Mobile Coupons

Boost traffic and sales by sending coupons directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce missed opportunities and minimize no-shows by sending appointment text reminders.

Mobile eCards

You can help build relationships by send a birthday and holiday cards, creative special greetings or promotional messages. Grap attention with special graphic templates.

Shuffle Responder

Great for a variety of applications like daily jokes or inspirational sayings.

Direct and effective marketing for all industries. Get started in minutes.